1. Pyrex® launches its first 12 heat-resistant glass bakeware products.
  2. Pyrex® launches the iconic measuring cup.
  3. Chicago Cutlery® starts as a knife sharpening service for butchers in the stockyards of Chicago.
  4. Pyrex® introduces opal glass mixing bowls, in a variety of bright colors.
  5. Pyrex® introduces casserole dishes, with decorative patterns.
  6.  CorningWare® introduces its first cookware products, each with the iconic “Cornflower” design.
  7.  Chicago Cutlery® introduces professional-level knives for home use.
  8. Corelle® introduces its proprietary 3-layer glass dinnerware, in a single pattern: Winter Frost White.
  9.  Corelle® enters the Middle Eastern Market.
  10. Chicago Cutlery® introduces a wooden storage block to hold an entire set of kitchen knives.
  11. Pyrex® introduces decorative tinted transparent glass bakeware.
  12.  Corelle® enters the Japanese Market. CorningWare® introduces the French White® collection, and it instantly becomes a best-seller.
  13. CorningWare® introduces the VIsions® brand of see-through cookware.
  14. Pyrex® introduces ‘Rainbow’ mixing bowls.
  15. Chicago Cutlery® Patents an ergonomic handle for commercial use.
  16. Corelle® enters the South Korean market.
  17. Snapware® introduces plastic storage for food and home with its leak-proof snap-top lid.
  18. Pyrex® introduces “Portables” storage-and-carrying case sets for on-the-go cooks.
  19. Corelle® enters the Indian market.
  20. Corelle® enters the Mexican market.
  21. Corelle® introduces Square, an entirely new shape for its plates.
  22. Corelle® enters the Chinese market.
  23. Instant Brands™ launches the revolutionary Instant Pot™. CorningWare® introduces etch® a textured artisan-inspired stoneware line.
  24. Instant Pot™ Lux is the most advanced pressure cooker available on the market.
  25. Pyrex® reaches a milestone, producing 100 million pieces of Pyrex® over the past 10 years.
  26. Pyrex® celebrates its 100th Anniversary.
  27. Pyrex® launches the uniquely crafted, one-of-a-kind Watercolor Collection. Chicago Cutlery® introduces the Prime collection with an innovative ergonomic handle.
  28. CorningWare® celebrates its 60™ Anniversary. Pyrex® launches two-color decorated food storage. Corelle’s Corning, NY facility named Factory of the Future.
  29. Instant brands ™ introduces Instant Pod venturing into the coffee category.
  30. Instant™ launches Instant Air Purifier.