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World Kitchen High Heat Cooker

World Kitchen High Heat Cooker

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World Kitchen High Heat Cooker,The ultimate all-in-one cooker. Prepare all your favourite cuisines with minimal effort with settings for stir-frying, boiling soup, barbequeing or hot pot on its multi-cooking menu. You can use your trusty

CORELLE Brands cookware on this versatile cooker, from VISIONS to CorningWare.

  • The World Kitchen High Heat Cooker is also ideal for dishes that require a higher temperature to cook.
  • The Boost Function lets you turn up the heat quickly so you don’t have to wait so long to enjoy tasty dishes. Keep your fingers safely away from the heat while keeping control over the power and temperature you use with its knob that is equipped with cool touch control.
  • On top of these amazing features, the World Kitchen High Heat Cooker is super portable. The slim body and light aluminium alloy base and handle make it lightweight and easy for you to use anywhere in your home.
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Product Specifications

Material Stainless Steel
Brand World Kitchen
Diameter(mm) 362
Height(mm) 55
Weight(kg) 3.17
Microwave Safe No
Dishwasher Safe No
Warranty 12 Months
Made In China
Set Single Single