Create healthy meals without toxic chemicals

Create healthy meals without toxic chemicals


Introducing the uncoated & non-stick Corelle DuraNano.




In today’s cookware market, non-stick cookware is very popular. Many consumers are drawn to the convenience and health benefit of using less oil and enjoying hassle-free cleanup. However, there’s a vital concern that has been unnoticed. Last year, there was a spark on a crucial conversation broadcast, shedding light on the presence of “forever chemicals” in traditional non-stick cookware – a toxic substance that lingers in both the environment and human bodies without easy degradation.

With that, Corelle Brands developed a groundbreaking solution, called the UNCOATED & NON-STICK CORELLE DURANANO. Utilizing patented metallization nanotechnology, Corelle DuraNano boasts a triply bonded stainless-steel construction, with surface 3.5 times harder than standard stainless-steel. Corelle DuraNnao has undergone rigorous testing and earned approval from esteemed institutions such as TUV SUD and the Bureau Veritas Group. From 1.5 million times abrasion tests to FDA functionality assessments, Corelle DuraNano has proven it ability. Having certifications including FDA GRAS and PTFE Free, rest assured that your cooking experience is free from harmful chemicals.

Embraced by culinary experts and influencers alike, Corelle DuraNano has been established in kitchens around the world. Praised for its durability, ease of use and effortless cleaning, this cookware is a gamer changer. Make the switch to Corelle DuraNano and cook with confidence, knowing you’re creating a safe and healthy environment for your loved ones.



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