The uncoated & non-stick stainless steel Corelle™ DuraNano™, crafted with patented metallization nanotechnology, withstanding 1.5 million times abrasion test, it's engineered for long-lasting heavy usage.

Uncoated & Non-stick

Corelle™ DuraNano™ is free from PFOS and PTFE coatings, ensuring a healthier cooking experience without exposure to toxic chemicals. By avoiding 'forever chemicals,' it allows users to create meals safely while promoting both health and high-performance cooking.

Patented Metallization Nanotechnology

Infused with micro-sized silicon-titanium oxide through a metallization process and superheated at 7500°C, Corelle™ DuraNano™ cookware achieves exceptional hardness and durability.

Inspired by the hydrophobic properties of lotus leaves, this process also creates a natural water-repellent effect, resulting in a non-stick surface for effortless cooking.

High Durability, Long Lasting

Exceptionally durable, tested and cleared for 1.5 million times abrasion resistance test. Made for heavy duty cooking that is 3.5 times harder than regular stainless steel.

Even Heating Distribution

Experience even, consistent cooking results with Corelle™ DuraNano™. Made with tri-ply bonded stainless steel, it ensures fast heat conduction and even heat distribution for perfect dishes every time.

Certified by TÜV SÜD & Bureau Veritas Group

Undergone 13 rigorous product tests and attained 13 certifications from third-party entities, meeting international standards.

10 Years Warranty

Corelle™ DuraNano™ cookware is produced with the highest quality standard, and we warrant to replacement or exchange of products of equal value if found deformative, non-functional, construction, or workmanship in the product under normal household use for 10 years. Terms and conditions may apply.

Use & Care Guide

For optimal non-stick performance and longevity of your cookware, we advise seasoning your pan before using it.

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