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Corelle Brands, LLC (name changed into Instant Brands, LLC in 2021) is a world leader in kitchenware industry. Headquartered in Rosemont, Illinois, USA. We manufacture and market iconic family of brands – Corelle®, Corningware®, Instant Pot®, Pyrex®, Snapware®, Chicago Cutlery® and Visions®, worldwide. We began as the Corning Consumer Products Company, a division of the glassmaker Corning Inc., and was also known as "World Kitchen" from 2000 until 2018.

Corelle Brands (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd is a wholly owned Asian entity based in Singapore with other distribution offices in China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, and Vietnam. Our regional distribution centre is located in Malaysia.

Corelle Brands, LLC is part of the group Instant Brands, employing over 2,400 employees on four continents.

For over 100 years, our brands have been innovators in helping people make and enjoy food together. Today, our products are in millions of homes worldwide.


  1. Pyrex® launches its first 12 heat-resistant glass bakeware products.
  2. Pyrex® launches the iconic measuring cup.
  3. Chicago Cutlery® starts as a knife sharpening service for butchers in the stockyards of Chicago.
  4. Pyrex® introduces opal glass mixing bowls, in a variety of bright colors.
  5. Pyrex® introduces casserole dishes, with decorative patterns.
  6.  CorningWare® introduces its first cookware products, each with the iconic “Cornflower” design.
  7.  Chicago Cutlery® introduces professional-level knives for home use.
  8. Corelle® introduces its proprietary 3-layer glass dinnerware, in a single pattern: Winter Frost White.
  9.  Corelle® enters the Middle Eastern Market.
  10. Chicago Cutlery® introduces a wooden storage block to hold an entire set of kitchen knives.
  11. Pyrex® introduces decorative tinted transparent glass bakeware.
  12.  Corelle® enters the Japanese Market. CorningWare® introduces the French White® collection, and it instantly becomes a best-seller.
  13. CorningWare® introduces the VIsions® brand of see-through cookware.
  14. Pyrex® introduces ‘Rainbow’ mixing bowls.
  15. Chicago Cutlery® Patents an ergonomic handle for commercial use.
  16. Corelle® enters the South Korean market.
  17. Snapware® introduces plastic storage for food and home with its leak-proof snap-top lid.
  18. Pyrex® introduces “Portables” storage-and-carrying case sets for on-the-go cooks.
  19. Corelle® enters the Indian market.
  20. Corelle® enters the Mexican market.
  21. Corelle® introduces Square, an entirely new shape for its plates.
  22. Corelle® enters the Chinese market.
  23. Instant Brands™ launches the revolutionary Instant Pot™. CorningWare® introduces etch® a textured artisan-inspired stoneware line.
  24. Instant Pot™ Lux is the most advanced pressure cooker available on the market.
  25. Pyrex® reaches a milestone, producing 100 million pieces of Pyrex® over the past 10 years.
  26. Pyrex® celebrates its 100th Anniversary.
  27. Pyrex® launches the uniquely crafted, one-of-a-kind Watercolor Collection. Chicago Cutlery® introduces the Prime collection with an innovative ergonomic handle.
  28. CorningWare® celebrates its 60™ Anniversary. Pyrex® launches two-color decorated food storage. Corelle’s Corning, NY facility named Factory of the Future.
  29. Instant brands ™ introduces Instant Pod venturing into the coffee category.
  30. Instant™ launches Instant Air Purifier.