Snapware® offers more than just storage; it's a complete system of durable plastic containers and canisters that are essential everywhere. With smarter ergonomic designs, attractive colors, and versatile features, Snapware® provides efficient storage solution for your home.

Durable & Safe

Made from durable and safe material, that is stain and odor resistant. Snapware® is guaranteed airtight to prolong the freshness and safety of your food.

Stackable & Nestable

The lids stack and/or nest to save
space and keep your cabinets better organized. And in the fridge, like-shaped containers also stack easily, whether
they’re  plastic or glass, creating a small, modular, space saving footprint.


Designed for versatile usage, they are safe for use in freezer, microwave and dishwasher. Each product range has its own unique features that will meet the needs of every home.

  • Glass Storage

  • Plastic Storage

  • Drinkware

Use & Care Guide

To ensure optimal performance, please refer to our comprehensive use & care guide, which includes warranty information and FAQs.

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