Uniquely versatile, CORNINGWARE® cookware is designed to meet the demands of Asian cooking. Extremely resilient to temperature changes, it can be put on the stove, microwave or the oven the minute it is out of the fridge, saving you time and effort.

Extremely Durable

It all began back in 1958 when Corning invented pyroceram for the US Space Shuttle program and introduced the revolutionary ultra heat-resistant Corningware® Casserole. Its temperature-resistant material saves you time and energy, while also being odor and stain resistant. Easy to clean, its designs retain their beauty and vibrancy even after years of extensive use.

One Pot That Does It All

It can be taken straight from the freezer to the oven, microwave, gas or electric stovetop and then for easy serve to the dining table and to dishwasher or sink – no matter how hot or cold the dish is.

Energy Saving

Corningware® retains heat much longer and cooks food perfectly on lower settings than usual cookware.

1 Year Warranty

Free replacement of any glass-ceramic part of your Corningware® cookware that breaks due to thermal stress from hot and cold temperatures. Terms and conditions may apply.

Use & Care Guide

To ensure optimal performance, please refer to our comprehensive use & care guide, which includes warranty information and FAQs.

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