CORELLE® is globally renowned for its legendary strength and durability. Our secret lies in our unique 3-layer Vitrelle glass, offering unmatched resilience for every meal.

World's Only 3-Layer Glass

Crafted by the signature Vitrelle® glass, a unique sandwich construction that bonds three layers glass together. Resulting in lightweight dinnerware that is break & chip resistant.

Thin & Lightweight

CORELLE is also designed for easy handling and compact storage. For kitchens with limited storage, it nests efficiently and neatly.


Its non-porous surface provides assurance on hygiene as it does not retain food particles, odors or stain.

Attractive Designs & Shapes

Designed for every dining occasion, CORELLE® offers a wide collection of designs and shapes to suit your home dining needs.

Use & Care Guide

To ensure optimal performance, please refer to our comprehensive use & care guide, which includes warranty information and FAQs.

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